Introduction... before the reno begins!

The renovation project that waited 105 years.

 December 19th 2015 at 10:17pm

The circa 1910 home was in poor condition when purchased in November 2015, but it presented us with an opportunity to restore it whilst adding a modern touch. In it's current condition it features two bedrooms, living room, meals area, sunroom and laundry. The Public Trustee that marketed this home didn't do a particularly good job as "selling" the property, describing it as a "compact home" that has "room at the back for an extension or you could possibly lift the house to add any extra rooms".

There are some gorgeous original features within the home including ornate plaster ceilings and timber floorboards (however they can't be visibly seen as they're hiding under vinyl flooring and newspaper). The properties location is brilliant, as it's just a short walk from Caxton Street and popular inner-city Paddington restaurants and shops and the popular Lang Park aka Suncorp Stadium. Public transport is available in Given Terrace with other shopping nearby at Paddington Central Shopping Centre. Petrie Terrace State School, Kelvin Grove College, Brisbane Boy's and Girls Grammar Schools and the Kelvin Grove Campus of QUT are also nearby.

The marketing material for the property invited potential buyers to use their imagination, which is absolutely required to see past decades of dust, dirt, cobwebs, and gross neglect. According to the neighbors, the previous owner was a hoarder and was not known for his cleanliness. The word in the neighborhood is that he didn't shower for the entire time that he lived there (many decades) and also never changed his clothes until they started falling off him - at which point a friendly neighbor would visit the local Vinnies and help him out with new clothing. 

Whilst it looks like a bit of a mess, there's a traditional beauty hiding underneath all the mess. The floors in each room are covered over with layers and layers of newspapers dating back over 60 years around the 1950's, but underneath that is timber flooring that has stood the test of time and looks as good as it would have the day it was laid.

Over the coming months it will hopefully be transformed into a lovely restroed home that's modernized but also respectful to the character of it's era.