After just one week, the potential becomes clear.

The hard work begins!

 December 24th 2015 at 2:23pm

In just seven days since we took ownership of this property and we couldn't resist getting right into it immediately. It would have made more sense to get some machinery involved with the backyard, but some hard work with our hands did a good enough job to open it back up and get a better idea of what we're dealing with.

There was a massive mound of some sort of monstrosity of a bush in the backyard (see below) and it was a bloody nightmare to rip it out. The young boy next door yelled at me over the fence "that'll be impossible to remove, it's been growing for as long as I can remember". Of course it wasn't impossible, but it was bloody difficult! With the old water tank and assorted rubbish under the house that had been hiding for several decades, we filled a 4 cubmic metre skip in a matter of hours. But the transformation of the backyard space was a glimmer of hope amongst the mess. 

One of the most pleasant surprises was the condition of the floor boards in most rooms, in particular the grand old living room that has immaculate red mahogany flooring that was hiding underneath layers upon layers of newspaper and vinyl flooring.

Meanwhile I've been cracking on with the internals, sealing up a door with some new framing, pulling back some of the horse hair and plaster walls (yes, horse hair!!) which is damn tough stuff, and doing general repairs and reconfiguring within the house. A few cans of worms have been opened, such as some subsidance and posts that need replacing, but none of that was really unexpected. 

In a couple weeks time the roof and gutters will get replaced and that will keep the transformation moving along quickly. Next update after Christmas and New Year!