Oh my! Excavation, plastering, electrical, plumbing.

The major building work is now well underway.

 March 7th 2016 at 1:54pm

It's been a couple weeks since my last update, but when you're so busy it's hard to find the time to just sit back and appreciate what's been done! 

It's been a very busy couple weeks: 

The house has been re-levelled, along with several stumps being replaced, along with a big clean up of decades of old junk under the house. 

The "rough in" of the electrical is now complete, the entire house needed to be rewired, none of the original stuff remains.

Plumbing is well underway, with most hot/cold services plumbed in for the new bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, etc. 

Putting up all the gyprock / dry wall and subsequent progression with plastering has begun, thanks to the electrical rough in and plumbing progressing. 

But more significantly, the major earthworks, excavation and underpinning is well underway for a double lock up garage. 

The re-levelling and restumping was quite a rewarding job to have completed, because the house is now visually level and existing internal doors, walls, etc, are all straight again!

However, one of the less pleasing jobs to be completed was the underpinning of the front of the house. There was significant subsidance in this area, so this problem in combination with the new double lock up garage being built up close to these foundations, they were in desperate need of being replaced. The new steel posts are now embedded in nearly 4m deep holes with significant steel re-inforcement as part of a costly underpinning job. 

On the plus side, all this work in combination with the re-stumping and re-levelling has made for a new set of foundations that will last another 105 years. This old girl is tough and is built to last. 

Overall though, the most disruptive work to occur in the street has been the massive excavation of the land at the front of the house. It is of significant disruption to the street and I'm very sorry that it's affecting the neighbours, excavation and earthworks is very noisy, regularly blocks the street, and generally annoys everyone. I know that much of the neighbours in the street are quite annoyed after this week, but hopefully they can see that after just 1-2 weeks of inconvenience, the end result will be an additional two car parks for a street where parking is scarce as best. I've taken several photos of the progress to date and included them in the gallery below. 

Whilst all this is happening, I've been pushing along with the plastering with the aim of finishing off the plastering and progress forward onto waterproofing and tiling in the bathrooms. 

Oh, and we'll hopefully have a double lock up garage by the next update too!