Skeletons (literally), demolition, framing and more!

Week four update after Christmas/New Year break.

 January 10th 2016 at 8:31pm

Despite taking five days off over Christmas and New Year, we've still made a lot of progress over the last two weeks. So this is more or less a week three update and there has been heaps of demolition and reconfiguration of the property which has revealed some surprises such as a perfectly presented skeleton of a possum and a couple other small creatures! What a surprise it was to find this inside the walls whilst inspecting the ceiling space. More skeletons found in walls as well, a few mice or rates, who knows, but god damn, they would have smelled something shocking at the time but it looks like they're several decades old, certainly no remnants of flesh or decomposition, so they're quite intriguiing once you get over the "what the" factor.

Meanwhile, we've finalized an internal layout that will turn this two bedroom, one bathroom home, into a pleasant three bedroom home, master with ensuite and walk in wardrobe, along with an open plan kitchen / dining / living. You would think that this means there'll be tiny bedrooms, but the smallest is 3m x 3m with built in robe, so they're all suitable for double beds, but we envision it as a family home with a large master and a pair of kids bedrooms. 

As such, there's been a fair bit of reconfiguring with demolition of walls to combine pre-existing rooms together and so forth, but one of the most pleasant outcomes is that we'll be able to retain three of the original ceilings with the ornate plasterwork and ceiling roses, which are being restored by a specialist in the next week. 

So, framing up of a new bathroom, ensuite and walk in wardrobe are all well underway.

However, I must admit that it's been difficult finding the energy to write this update! Such great progress to date and the next update will be pretty impressive because the next two weeks includes the entire exterior of the house being stripped back professionally by a lead paint removalist, and the roofing and gutters are being replaced as well. 

So the neighbours are about to see a massive transition of the exterior of the property, stay tuned for more updates.